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No doubt, the sky is the limit when it comes to design your personal space. Each corner of your house, the manner you wish to style it, will require a different answer. Matching everything with other things present in the room is a thing of past. Contrasting and complementing is the new trend. Wood has entered all over the house. Wooden furnishings, wooden deck, wooden ceiling, wooden walls, tables, lamps and considerably more wonders of wood are still to be fathomed in future time. Allow wooden poufs and textured couches in your living room to contest with paint colors on walls. They result in a more eclectic, layered look that lends the right amount of texture and profundity.

You have to know your style to know what color might go well with the wooden frill. Be that as it may, some paint hues unquestionably work best with specific wood tones. In the event that you’d want items to pop and stand out, be sure to add contrast to your space. On the off chance that you prefer a monochrome space, then go that route.

Many of us adore our dark wood furniture however are continually wondering how to lighten its overall impact in the room considering the season turnarounds. Try experimenting with wall colors that complement the wood or contrast with it, and make a classy scape. Here are few examples of wall colors that would run with wooden furnishings.



Wood brings warmth to spaces, while white walls keep the overall look bright, pleasant and welcoming. A white room is a much-needed refresher for oneself. An all-rendition white bedroom can also encourage the psyche and the eyes to unwind the prudence of its effortlessness and deliberate absence of incitement. In a dining room, the wooden furniture set against the neutral wall will do reasonable justice.




Be it a wooden base of a dining table or side tables in a bedroom, they are altogether counterbalanced by the rich creamy walls. Any bedroom would look advanced and sophisticated; thanks to the soothing and mitigating wall color. The dark brown dining buffet would definitely stamp it presence clearly in this light-toned room.




In many fashion apparels, yellow and brown are a good contrast to each other as they balance the contours and patterns very beautifully. In this space, the color yellow has the perfect measure of immersion to create a delicate and relieving looking room interior. The subtle wall color, textured here, makes a decent background shade that pairs well with the dark-brown furniture.




 Grey has certainly undergone a radical transformation in the past few years. No longer is grey only associated with terrible days, serious attire and a desolate outlook, greys are now synonymous with style, sophistication and marvelousness. The color grey can likewise be matched with other lighter & darker shades. It works brilliantly.

A warm grey wall color is a decent unbiased option in contrast to a pure white or cream that can sometimes feel too sterile. In this room, the wall paint offers just the right amount of contrast to the bed, without losing its identity.


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