Luxury Turkish Collection

MEESHAN's Luxury Turkish Collection

If we talk about furniture, the luxury Turkish collection stands out because of its ageless elegance and flawless artistry. Due to its rich cultural heritage and tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, the country has become a global hub for luxury Turkish collections.

From gorgeous detailing to sumptuous styles, the luxury Turkish collection is a perfect blend of contemporary designs and traditional aesthetics.

Meeshan is an unconventional furniture brand that has been in the market for years. With such a lengthy history the brand, it has been famous for providing furniture that not only serves visuals and aesthetics but also durability and sustainability. The furniture brand is particularly famous for its luxury Turkish collection.

Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the country. The luxury Turkish collection draws inspiration from Turkey’s diverse heritage.

The luxury Turkish collection has elements of traditional art, and craftsmanship along with its architecture. This unique and unordinary fusion makes Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection stand out.

The brand particularly gives great importance to the quality of the materials used in making the luxury Turkish collection. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a luxury Turkish collection that is not only pleasing to look at but also stands the test of time. Fine woods like oak and walnut are used in the composition of the luxury Turkish collection.

Another commendable feature of the luxury Turkish collection by Meeshan is the exceptional and quality craftsmanship. Our brand is popular for its meticulous attention to detail and ensures that each piece of the luxury Turkish collection is crafted with utmost perfection. From delicate metalwork to hand-carved details on the wood, Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection is just the addition you need in your house.

Of our luxury Turkish collection, some of the loved furniture pieces have been talked about in detail, below


The bedroom is a sanctuary where individuals relax and find solace after a long and tiring day. A bedroom is not only just another room but it is very significant. Furniture particularly plays an important role in making the bedroom comfortable. It creates a harmonious environment in the bedroom.

Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection aspires to make the bedroom not only comfortable but also beautiful. The brand is well aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep and the role a bed plays. A bed is a focal point in every bedroom.

Our furniture brand has a number of different bed options that are unique in terms of style, under the category of luxury Turkish collection. These beds get their inspiration from the country’s classic furniture yet has hints of modernism.

 Our beds from the luxury Turkish collection have the ability to enhance the overall ambiance of the bedroom. Our beds from the extensive luxury Turkish collection range from minimalist and sleek designs to exquisite, upholstered frames.

From the luxury Turkish collection, the Zirkon bed, Richmond luxury brass bed, and Nirvana bed are loved by buyers.


A dining room is a place where one enjoys meals with their family. An individual also spends a significant portion of time in the dining room when guests are over.

If you aim at making your meals even more special, you cannot overlook the importance that furniture holds in a dining room. The furniture is undoubtedly crucial for determining the aesthetic appeal of the dining room. However, other than just the looks, dining room furniture also enhances the overall experience of the lunches and dinners.

When it comes to dining room furniture, Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection would leave you surprised with its exceptional quality and stunning detailing. Our luxury Turkish collection is specialized in providing furniture based on present-day aesthetics while keeping the country’s culture and heritage alive.

Make your dining room flawless with Meeshan’s captivating dining tables. These dining tables range from splendid marble tops to classic yet astonishing solid wood tables. Although all pieces from Meeshan’s dining room collection are magnificent, yet the Xander Modern Wooden Dining set is a popular customer choice.

In addition to this, our brand’s dining chairs are upholstered with the best quality fabric.

Sofa set

The sofa set serves as a focal point for living rooms. Living rooms are places where style and comfort seamlessly merge to create an embracing environment. Whether you have guests over or just want to unwind after a hectic day in the living room, the right sofa set has the ability to transform your living room into a haven of peacefulness.

Meeshan’s luxury Turkish collection offers sofa sets that are the epitome of relaxation and style. These sofa sets, from the luxury Turkish collection, are crafted with ornate designs. Our brand’s sofa sets are highly sought-after because of their elaborate patterns and magnificent designs.

From Meeshan’s sofa sets, Maya's corner sofa is a modern piece that is popular among purchasers. The luxurious upholstery used in making this sofa set adds to its beauty of it. It is highly sophisticated.

The sofa sets from the luxury Turkish collection are adorned with high-quality of fabrics such as silk and velvet. Moreover, these sofa sets also have traditional patterns and motifs.

Tv Cabinets

Television is considered a staple in households. It is a crucial part of living rooms.

Tv cabinets tend to offer the solution of providing Television with a stylish and functional space. The Tv cabinet isn’t just an ordinary table that would pair up with the television. It is a central point in the Tv lounges.

Tv cabinets house not only the television but also related stuff like cable boxes, DVD players, sound systems, and even gaming consoles. The Tv cabinets influence the way a Tv lounge or living room looks.

Meeshan’s Tv cabinets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These Tv cabinets are tailored to keep customers' needs in view. We offer freestanding and wall-mounted cabinets that can modernity to the room along with saving space.

Our Tv cabinets, such as Xander Modern Wooden are made with a variety of different cabinets that can offer a clutter-free environment. In addition to this, our Tv cabinets are also pleasing to look at. Great attention and focus have been paid to making these cabinets gorgeous.

Coffee Tables

Meeshan’s coffee tables are a fusion of form and function. These coffee tables provide a stylish centerpiece that has the ability to bring together convenience and comfort. Coffee tables are considered versatile because they not only offer space to hold your drinks but also provide a space to carry decorative items so you can gather around and have important conversations. Our furniture brand offers a variety of coffee tables and you can choose the one that goes with your living room’s aesthetic.

Our brand’s Mcmanus Trio Center table is made with three stories and levels. This coffee table is highly functional as it offers ample space yet looks compact to look at. Therefore, even if this coffee table can carry your centerpieces and magazines, it wouldn’t consume much space.

Another commendable coffee table is Opera Marble Center Table. Carved with a marble top, as the name indicates, this coffee table is the definition of luxury. It is sleek yet minimalist and made with an unordinary and unconventional design.