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Decor & Lights

Enliven your home with the most unique and sophisticated Décor pieces by Meeshan Luxe Home

Many people are of the belief that furniture single-handedly decides how your home’s interior would come together. While we do agree that furniture can play a crucial role, there is also no denying that décor and lights are important too.

Both décor and lights set the mood, functionality, and ambiance of a room. These elements can enhance the beauty of any room and create a space that you will love to spend time in.

You can go with the most perfect furniture out there but if you don’t pay special attention to décor and lights, you will end up with a bland furniture. Therefore, the first step towards setting up your house is acknowledging how significant décor and lights can be.

Meeshan’s décor and lights

Meeshan is a leading luxury furniture brand in Pakistan. It is known for its modern and chic furniture collection that makes it a popular choice for customers. Other than providing aesthetics, Meeshan believes that elements like durability and quality are highly important too. Therefore, when it comes to quality, our brand makes no compromises.

In addition to furniture, our brand also provides with décor and lights options for your house. We have a wide variety of gorgeous options in lamps, chandeliers, mirrors and even vases. Our décor and lights would add to the intricate details of your house and transform the look of a plain and uninteresting room to fascinating and captivating in no time.

 So, from furniture to décor and lights, you can get everything under one roof at our brand.


Lamps are probably one of the most important components of décor and lights.

Lamps provide task lighting to the room. But they can just do much more that that. A gorgeous lamp can add a decorative touch to the room. Meeshan’s lamps come in various styles and designs therefore, they can effortlessly create a focal point in your room. 

You can find every type of design of lamp that you have ever envisioned. However, our famous ones include Arc Lamp, Fanua Lamp, Floor Lamp and Duo Glass Balls Lamp.  

Our Arc Lamp is particularly interesting. With an innovative shape, this lamp is all about modern. This sophisticated design can instantly up the game of your room. It can fit into your room, office space or even your living room.

Lights and Chandeliers

The décor and lights of a room are incomplete without chandeliers. Our brand is known for all of our décor and lights options. However, lights and chandeliers would definitely top the list.

Lights and Chandeliers add an elegant yet sophisticated look to a room. They were originally designed to hold candles but lights and chandeliers serve more functional purposes now.

While serving the purpose of providing your room with adequate brightness, lights and chandeliers can easily add into the aesthetic of your room.

Lights and chandeliers create the atmosphere and tone for the room. Moreover, they are super versatile. Lights and chandeliers can also be the focal point of your room. 

Meeshan’s lights and chandelier collection from the décor and lights category is refined and tasteful. Our Chandelier Luxury Crystal – Luxury Warm Light is a popular option among customers.

Made out of stainless steel, this chandelier can fit perfectly in your living room, dining room and even your bedrooms. This particular chandelier is a minimalist design yet suave.

Vases & Décor

Décor and lights are both essential components of any room. And when it comes to décor and lights, you cannot skip vases & décor.

Vases and décor add into the intricate details of the room. Vases and décor give off the impression that you have put in a lot of thought into decorating your room.

Meeshan’s vases & décor from the décor and lights collection are refined and tasteful.

Some of the options from our vases & décor collection include Matt Gold Deer Pair, Gold Cutout Vase Set, Gold Checkboard Décor and many more.

Our brand’s vases & décor collection is versatile and would provide you with anything for every room. The options in vases & décor are wide and these are high quality pieces being offered at affordable prices. Meeshan’s vases & décor options also feature some picturesque trays.

Plants and Flowers

Décor and lights add hints of elegance to your room if done correctly. The décor and light blended with the furniture can actually make a significant impact on how the overall look of your house would turn out to be.

Plants and Flowers are another sub-category of décor and lights at Meeshan. A house is simply incomplete without plants and lights.

The reason why you should accommodate indoor and outdoor plants and flowers into your house go beyond just visuals. Plants and flowers not only tick the décor and lights elements of the house but also surprisingly provide a number of health benefits.

Air purification, stress relief, productivity boost and natural fragrance are among the countless benefits that plants and flowers can provide when kept inside the home.

Meeshan offers different varieties of plants and flowers on its page. Our plants and flowers feature more than just the regular roses. We have Snowbell Hydrangea Flowers, Hydrangea White and Magnolia. Our plants include varieties like the Palmetto plant, Tiger Piran Plant, Hawaii Palm Tree and more. To sum it up, our plants and flowers are exactly what you need to add greens around your house.


Mirrors serve much more than just giving you the reflection. Mirrors have become a part of décor and lights in houses.

Mirrors can be a perfect addition to walls and add the touch of luxury to your house.

Meeshan’s mirror collection include an Elegant Wall Mirror. This mirror can create an illusion of space. It is a perfectly round sized mirror that can enhance the natural light of your room.

This is a stunning gold mirror that speaks exquisite.


Décor and lights determine the ambiance of your house. It is surprising how of an impact décor and lights can create on the overall atmosphere of your house. Décor and lights, if done the right way, can make any room visually appealing.

Many people might not consider carpets in the category of décor and lights but they fall in the category because of how they transform the aesthetics of a room.

Carpets from the category of décor and lights provide the house with sound insulation, comfort and warmth. Carpets can create a comfortable yet cozy environment. Moreover, when it comes to functional and practical purposes, carpets can provide insulation that can keep the rooms warm specifically during winters.

Meeshan’s carpets are of exceptional quality. These carpets enhance the look of the room effortlessly. Our brand’s carpets are a must add into the house.

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