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Calm and Sophisticated Fiction

Enriching the natural aesthetics of wooden texture, ISTINYE BEDROOM SET creates a stylized space with its eye-catching design and functional features.


Modern and Comfortable Sitting

The DAVID CORNER LUXURY Sofa Collection - Eye catching design, functional features with finely & premium European upholstered fabric and materials. Soft, comfortable & chic. Available in several colours.


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Upgrade Your Home with Meeshan's Home Furniture

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Meeshan home furniture collection includes dining sets, bedroom sets, living room sets, lounge sets, office furniture and accessories. Everything you need to turn your house...
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Inspired Bedroom Suite

Posted by MeeshanFurniture Admin

KNOWN FOR… his keen sense of understated elegance, Belgian architect Nicholas Schuybroek began his career in Canada before returning to Antwerp to work alongside renowned designer Vincent...
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Posted by MeeshanFurniture Admin

August 14, 2018 Posted: August 14, 2018   |   Categories: Furniture KNOWN FOR… his keen sense of understated elegance, Belgian architect Nicholas Schuybroek began his career in Canada...
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Meeshan Luxury Furniture - Pakistan's Best Design Specialists

Posted by Meeshan Employee 1

From sofas and chairs to bed sets and dining tables, Meeshan luxury furniture encompasses everything from traditional styles to cutting edge fashion statements.
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Meeshan Designer Furniture is the leading luxury provider in Pakistan. Each of our statement furniture pieces is designed using the best quality craftsmanship. With over...
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Modern and Affordable Bridal Bed Sets in Pakistan

Posted by Meeshan Employee 1

On a hunt for the upcoming wedding? If you are looking for both modern and affordable bridal sets in Pakistan, Meeshan is the answer!
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Your search for Online Furniture in Pakistan Meeshan Luxe Home!

Without a doubt, one of the necessary elements of any home is the furniture.
If not first, still it tops the list of concerns when it comes to planning the
perfect home decor. With so many furniture brands
available in today’s market, one can easily pick the most desirable furniture.
But, the question arises, will it be durable? To find durable, classy and unique
design furniture
pieces, you must know the right spot. We say, nothing
can beat the quality of luxury furniture that is available at
Meeshan Luxe Home. Come, explore the catalog and make your online
furniture shopping
experience so much more convenient.

Revolutionizing the Turkish Furniture in Pakistan
like none other!

The main aim we have in mind is to bring uniqueness and modernity to the furniture
in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad
and all the leading cities of Pakistan.
Apart from the ease of selecting from the vast variety of articles, buyers can
also expect a speedy home delivery. You can go through the Wooden
options that are curated to perfection and are
guaranteed to offer durability. The vast options to look forward to include
contemporary office and home furniture, classic home décor and in short
complete living solutions.

Imported Signature Designs that are durable and classic!

Finding a piece of furniture that is made to perfection, is unique,
beautiful and is also durable is tough. But at Meeshan Luxe Home, we ensure to
handpick the furniture design that is modern and classic and is also made using
the state of the art technology. That is why durability, stability and class
are what is guaranteed here. So, if you are looking for the Best furniture
in Pakistan
at the most comparative prices possible, your
search should end here. Our products are well known for their durability,
reliability and sustainability. The reason behind being so committed is that we
aim to reach every corner of your home so we can make a difference in your
lifestyle. We are capable of bringing luxury and class to your modern-day
living because we have the right lifestyle solutions. 

What to expect?

Ergonomic Furniture for Office in Pakistan

Meeshan Luxe Home takes pride in bringing the modern style, unique Office
articles that are made using high-tech manufacturing
techniques. But, this superior technology that ensures the articles are
ergonomic and comfortable does not make it all go out of budget. Because of the
commitment to bringing luxury and comfort, we have premium quality products
that can introduce an executive look to your workspace. Go through the office
manager table designs
or the ergonomic CEO chairs that
we have and get blown away. 

Luxurious HOME FURNITURE in unbeatable quality & unmatched style

If you are looking to revamp or style your home, we have an enormous variety
for you to choose from. Whether you want to make your bedroom furniture
look alive or to get a whole new living room furniture ,
we have it all. But, when you decide to revamp your living space into something
luxurious and eye-catching, do not forget to get something extraordinary for
your dining room. This is the only way to make your home get a
completely new look. Furthermore, we have a vast variety of articles for the
and kids' room as well. Come, explore it all
and get the prices of each of them with ease. 

You might have come across many furniture brands in Pakistan
because everyone loves to explore in search of the best options. But, here at
Meeshan Luxe Home, we have made the whole furniture shopping
experience a lot more hassle-free. You can easily go through the best
bed set and sofa set designs
and can get their prices online.
Moreover, the most user-friendly interface allows you to select any piece and
get it delivered to your doorstep.

Sleek Study Furniture to fit every home

What sets us apart from the online furniture stores in ,Pakistanis
from Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and
MultanHyderabad, Islamabad, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Sargodha, Sialkot and
SukkurLarkana, Sheikhupura, Rahim Yar Khan, Jhang, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Gujrat-
in short, all over Pakistan, is our sleek designs that are
durable as well. The unique furniture that we are talking about is usually a
fit in every room no matter the size of the room. The reason behind this is
simple. The modern study table designs that we offer you are
so compact and stylish that they can make any room look fresh and new. But, if
you are thinking it won’t be as good as the classic wooden meeting
, behold! Because the modern design ensures that these tables
are still spacious enough for you to study or work with ease. 

High-End Home Decor Articles to bind it all together!

We know that every home is just incomplete without a good home decor
article. That is why we have some extraordinary articles that can bring
freshness and class to your home. You might have gotten a new dining table
design of your choice and a good table to pair it with. But, why forget a
classy decor piece to place over it? This can bind your whole decor together
without putting in any extra effort. You might find the best pick at the best
furniture brands in Pakistan,
but don’t forget that a good decor piece
is the long-lasting one. Trust us, always go for quality when it comes to
shopping for your dear home. 

International Standard Ergonomic Furniture for a home that
stands out!

You might have come across many designs that can be locally copied, but are
you ready to compromise on the quality, material and finish? We are certain, no
one wants to compromise on this. For this, we are here to help! Meeshan Luxe
Home has a perfect collection which is not only designed by designers but also
has the most remarkable finish to it. With us, you are all set to bring luxury
and comfort to your home as every article is ergonomically crafted and is also
a masterpiece in its unique way! 

Looking for some Turkish inspired Furniture Store Online?
Here we have it!

We all are so inspired by Turkish culture and heritage these days, right? So
why not get a good looking ottoman or any other Turkish Living
Room Furniture
article anywhere in your home? This will not
only allow you to enjoy being in trend but also will add a new dimension to
your otherwise similar home decor. Our luxury Turkish collection includes
articles for bedrooms, dining and living rooms. You can go
through the furniture stores in Pakistan or can opt for an easier way and go
through our catalog online. Here, you will not only find prices and details
easily but will also get a chance to go through the most unique, trendy and
sustainable articles ever. 

Get the most out of the Clearance Sale

The post covid ers is all about online shopping. Isn’t it? So why not get
the best from this feature and shop for the most luxurious and trendy furniture
online? Unfortunately, the furniture for sale in Pakistan is usually not up to
the mark when we go conventional shopping. But, here at Meeshan Luxe Home, you
can get the most high-end furniture articles that are now on sale! There is no
need to go through the markets of Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad or Islamabad
to find furniture sales anymore. You can go through our online store and can
choose whatever article suits your home decor the best. We have the best
variety of sofa sets,
dining chairs and dressing tables for sale
. In short, you can buy
every possible article out of our online sale at the lowest prices possible.
But, the worst thing about sales is that it comes to an end. So, hurry up and
get your hands on the most astonishing furniture articles that one can have.
That too at record-breaking prices! 

Avant-Garde Home & Decor Collection that is easily accessible!

As the world is changing, so should our ways of shopping as well. The main
reason why one should ditch the old way to shop is that it is a complete hassle
and tiring. We might have a furniture store for home
or office
just around the corner but you might have to travel far to
find the best designs, quality or price - all in one place. 

So, wouldn’t it be a better option to get everything sorted out in just one
click? With the new and easier way, you can go through the designs, material
details and prices by simply going through our website. Here, you will have
complete access to the collection that you are after, the articles that we have
under it, its details and even the price of each. But this is just not it. Once
you have selected the articles(s) you love, simply click on the add to cart
button and get it delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t it amazing? Not only being
able to go through everything under one website without stepping out of your
home, but also getting it delivered. Yes, now buying Furniture
online in Pakistan
is a lot easier, convenient and even
trustable than before. So, now that you know a much easier way to shop online,
get everything for your home in a little smarter way than anyone else. 

The best furniture articles are Modern, Contemporary &

Yes, as you now know that the whole process is so easy. Once you have gone
through the whole catalog and have selected your best pick, simply click on the
‘add to the cart’ or ‘buy now button and make your purchase. As the whole
process is specifically made to keep it all extra friendly, you will find it
very easy to get hold of your favorite furniture pieces. We at Meeshan Luxe
Home have everything that depicts modernity, has a classic touch. Come, explore
the whole range and fall in love with something contemporarily classic! It’s
time to say goodbye to the best furniture shops in Islamabad, Lahore,
or anywhere because you will love the whole online shopping
experience and the name that you can trust.


Knock Knock, this might be us!

Now that you have selected something incredible for your home, make sure you
keep an eye out. Meeshan Luxe Home has another amazing quality of delivering
your article to your doorstep pronto. The nationwide delivery is swift and
safe. Without any hassle, your favorite furniture article will reach your
doorstep within days without a scratch on it. Isn’t it amazing? No more hiring
extra vehicles for the delivery that is not too safe as well. So come, let's
dive into the world of online furniture stores and open up a whole new world of durability and

We understand that the world is changing at the most astonishing pace, so
why not step up and get out of the difficulties in finding the best furniture
article? Luckily, you can get high-end durable and imported quality furniture
delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. Whether it is a premium quality sofa
dining table and chair or
another classically designed decor piece, Meeshan Luxe Home is perfectly
capable of providing excellent material at the most reasonable prices possible.
The most trustworthy shop allows you to check the furniture price in
online without leaving the comfort of your home. 

The most loved one-stop online lifestyle solutions are now just a few clicks
away. Yes, the most reliable and premium quality furniture is now accessible
online in Pakistan. Come, check out the unmatched variety to grace your home
now and get it all delivered to your doorstep.