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Enriching the natural aesthetics of wooden texture, ISTINYE BEDROOM SET creates a stylized space with its eye-catching design and functional features.


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The DAVID CORNER LUXURY Sofa Collection - Eye catching design, functional features with finely & premium European upholstered fabric and materials. Soft, comfortable & chic. Available in several colours.


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Upgrade Your Home with Meeshan's Home Furniture

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Meeshan home furniture collection includes dining sets, bedroom sets, living room sets, lounge sets, office furniture and accessories. Everything you need to turn your house...
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Inspired Bedroom Suite

Posted by MeeshanFurniture Admin

KNOWN FOR… his keen sense of understated elegance, Belgian architect Nicholas Schuybroek began his career in Canada before returning to Antwerp to work alongside renowned designer Vincent...
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Posted by MeeshanFurniture Admin

August 14, 2018 Posted: August 14, 2018   |   Categories: Furniture KNOWN FOR… his keen sense of understated elegance, Belgian architect Nicholas Schuybroek began his career in Canada...
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Meeshan’s Luxury Office Chairs

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Meeshan is a brand that is synonymous with elegance and luxury. Our brand’s office chairs are no exception to that. They are an excellent choice...
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NESTING TABLES – What are they, Purpose and Use

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Meeshan is all about convenient furniture. Our brand has a wide range of nesting tables made with high-quality craftsmanship. These tables are manufactured by keeping...
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Meeshan Luxe transcends expectations with its collection of luxury dining sets. Each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, design, and comfort....
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Your search for Online Furniture in Pakistan Meeshan Luxury Home furniture | Office furniture | Dining furniture!

Whenever we think of luxury furniture and the impact it can create on the interior of the house, we have to think beyond just functionality.
When selecting furniture for homes, it is crucial to understand how function and aesthetics go hand-in-hand in creating perfection.
Furniture reflects our personal taste and style. The right furniture can really transform a drab and uninspiring space into a warm and inviting sanctuary. However, with so many luxury furniture brands out there,
it can be challenging to choose the one that meets all the needs. You have to go for a luxury furniture brand that wouldn’t leave you with regrets. But don’t worry, because we got you!
When it comes to selecting a luxury furniture brand, you have to search for a brand that can offer you certain qualities. A luxury furniture brand isn’t only about visuals and functionality, which are important components, but much more than that.
An ideal brand should have durable luxury furniture This means that the furniture should be made out of the best quality materials that can withstand the test of time.
In addition to this, an ideal luxury furniture brand ensures that they put efforts into making their customer service the best. We are excited to introduce a luxury furniture brand that understands the cohesion between visual appeal and functionality.
Our basic goal is to deliver luxury furniture pieces that would immediately up the game of your house and would be convenient. Our luxury furniture brand has all the qualities that you would look for once you search the market.
We focus on all the components that make our luxury furniture items stand out and unique. Moreover, we understand how important our customers are and respect the fact that they trust us, so we deliver the best. Meeshan has been in the market for more than a decade. Our luxury furniture items have evolved over the years and grown rapidly.
We now have a wide variety of luxury furniture pieces in different categories therefore, our brand has you covered in all aspects. From luxury furniture for study and office rooms to dining table sets, we have it all. Meeshan offers 8 categories of luxury furniture.
These include office furniture, dining furniture, luxury dining sets, living, furniture, dining tables, dining and chairs. You would also find the feature of ‘customization’ on our luxury furniture pieces. We understand that every customer has their own individual taste and would like to set the room according to their own color patterns and designs.
Therefore, our aim is to create a luxury furniture brand that would reflect this. Our customization options allow the buyers to choose from a variety of colors, finishes and materials. This means that the design would be ours however, the item would be tailored according to your needs and so it would be a masterpiece that you have envisioned.
Other than this, we also offer a range of modular luxury furniture solutions. This means that they are available in different sizes and so you can select the one that fits your room best. In addition to this, our luxury furniture brand has something for everyone. We have different price ranges but with no compromises on the quality.
Our belief is to provide luxury furniture for everyone who wants to transform the look of their homes. We at Meeshan understand that purchasing furniture can be a huge investment and we aspire to make this period as stressful for you as possible so you do not worry about wasting your money. Our luxury furniture items are all about durability, style and functionality. Although all of our luxury furniture is famous among those who have purchased from us, the dining furniture and office furniture top the list.

Meeshan’s dining furniture

Dining room doesn’t have to be a dry space where you go only to eat. With Meeshan’s luxury furniture options, you can create a colorless space into an inviting oasis. Our dining furniture is a perfect blend of grace and modernism.
We offer dining furniture in different sub-categories. These include: luxury dining sets and dining table sets. Other than the complete sets, we also offer individual dining furniture such as dining tables, dining chairs and bar stools. Our dining furniture is exquisite. It is sleek, modern and caters a wide range of taste and preferences. Meeshan’s dining furniture is made out of solid wood or metal and therefore, is highly durable.
The different options of dining furniture also make us a go-to brand for a vast majority. Our luxury furniture is highly comfortable, specifically the chairs. They are well-crafted and upholstered with high-quality fabric. So, make your meal-times with your family and guests special with Meeshan’s luxury furniture options.

Meeshan’s office furniture

Meeshan understands that office furniture in making a creative workspace that can enhance your productivity by many folds. An office might be the area in your home where you spent majority of your time therefore, the office furniture should be special in all regards.
Meeshan knows that comfort plays a key role in the office furniture. Our luxury furniture brand provides study tables, study chairs, office chairs, visitor chairs and shelves. The most important piece of office furniture is an office chair. Our collection of dining chairs support posture and are an excellent choice as they provide back support.
The chairs also have a sturdy construction that provides ease in lengthy working hours. Moreover, the swivel seats also have adjustable heights. When it comes to Meeshan’s office furniture, our study tables are second to none as well. The unconventional designs from our luxury furniture collection are amazing options for those who are looking for modern study tables. They have excellent storage space as well.