THE 80-20 RULE

THE 80-20 RULE

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THE 80-20 RULE

Commonly known as the minimalism rule, this 80-20 rule doesn’t mean throwing things away. It is one of those decor terms that are constantly misunderstood. Contrary to what it sounds like or what a shallow web search will tell you, minimalism implies making a beautiful lifestyle and a living space with just the essentials.

Here are six principles that will guide you in creating a minimal setting at home.


  • One good item:

The one common mistake we make is putting all of our good things in one spot. We need to understand that nothing is uglier than a room full of beautiful things, each rivaling the rest. We forget that one focal point is all any space needs e.g. a media wall, painting, accent chair and even a godfather clock. As you do up each room, identify what your focal point will be and plan everything else to hero it.


  • Less is more:

 Just hear us before you cry out loud saying “We just cannot do it”. Owning fewer pieces does not mean owning nothing or beside nothing. It means you clutch just those pieces of furniture or decor that are most important to you. Examine every piece you have and ask yourself what it means to you, what it says about you, what it brings to your everyday life. In the event that you don’t have a powerful answer to no less than one of the inquiries, that piece should not belong in your room.


  • And sometimes, more is less

 Just because you have a smaller number of items around the room, the space does not have to look cold or sterile. Identify pieces with a distinctive form or beautiful textures that are glamorous in themselves. Sofas and chairs with button-tufted backs, uniquely shaped lamps, textured wall accents, or lovely chenille upholstery are all great examples.


  • Multipurpose is good

Cut down on the number of pieces – yet don’t reduce useful items. Instead, look for versatile furniture that will help you out. Think sofa beds or divans that offer both seating and sleeping, TV units that double as showcases or bookshelves, and chests of drawers that also work as console tables.



  • Low is the way to go

Utilise the vertical space in the room to your advantage by investing in low-lying household items. This will take the ceiling right up and make your room feel more spacious. Do remember though that old folks at home or those with arthritic problems may have trouble using these.



  • Light your way

There’s nothing like the apathetic, languorous feel of a well-lit room, especially early in the morning and late towards the evening. If you have one of those houses blessed with plenty of natural light, make the most of it. Play with curtains and window shades to create shadow patterns on the floor and adjust the brightness in the room with sheer and blackout curtains depending on the time of the day.


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