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In the world of constantly evolving interior design, furniture plays a pivotal role in determining the character of modern living spaces. The contemporary lifestyles demand stylish furniture designs that blend aesthetics with functionality.

Meeshan is a furniture brand that has redefined elegance in furniture design. With its craftsmanship that is beyond compare, the brand produces pieces with artistry embedded in it. The furniture brand highly believes that every piece of furniture should be unique. From a meticulous selection of materials to the intricate detailing, everything is simply perfect. The core of Meeshan’s philosophy lies in its commitment to aesthetic mastery. It has a diverse collection that caters to a wide variety of choices and tastes.

Here are some of the latest trends shaping and heavily influencing the furniture industry.

Embracing minimalism – Less is more:

  • Neutral color palettes with bold accents

The modern world interior is dominated by neutral shades of grays and whites. This is because these shades are considered to provide a versatile backdrop. However, to break the color scheme, designers rely on infusing pops of color in the form of accent furniture pieces. From boldly colored chairs to vibrant pillows, all can add personality to the space.

Meeshan’s Ross velvet chairs are a perfect example of that. Their lush and indulgent upholstery can captivate anyone who sets an eye on them. Made from premium quality velvet, these chairs can add a touch of sophistication yet that adequate amount of color break that you need. These chairs are a perfect depiction of timeless elegance with contemporary flair.


  • Sleek and streamlined silhouettes

Minimalism and simplicity are what make a space standout. Creating a clutter free, sleek look should be your ultimate focus. Sleek sofas such as Meeshan’s Ashton sofa, Minimalist coffee tables like the Ashford center table and streamlined storage solutions like the Malcolm console table, can really up the game of your living room.


  • Multi-functional furniture

The furniture industry has long bid farewell to bulky furniture that served no great purpose. With a strong emphasis on optimizing smaller spaces, multi-purpose furniture is in trend.

Meeshan’s Kianni center table is an example of that. With its under the top hidden storage compartments, you get more than just a coffee table. You can easily create a clutter free environment with this table. The best thing about Kianni center table is how stunning it is to look at. With the luxury combination of glass and marble, clean golden embellishments, this table is a piece of art.


The choice of materials – Blending tradition with innovation

  • Natural materials for a timeless appeal

Natural materials such as wood and leather have never really been out of trend. These materials add the element of timelessness providing more eco-friendly choices. Moreover, the sense of warmth and nostalgia that these furniture pieces induce are something many people prefer.


Meeshan’s Butterfly PU Leather Chair Dinning Set is an amazing option. This dinning set is specifically designed for smaller spaces. Upholstered with the highest quality of leather, exceptional craftsmanship skills and the versatility are all features of this dinning set.


  • Use of metal and glass

The present-day furniture designs incorporate metal and glass into their designs. The glass top over the sturdy metal frame provide a sense of transparency to the dinning sets. Moreover, the blend of these two provide a sense of sophisticated appeal.

Meeshan’s Nickson Dining table is built on the same principles. It is a testament to the brand’s dedication to contemporary elegance. The intricate detailing along with the clean lines create a harmonious balance. The table is also very thoughtfully crafted.

Key to shopping for Trendy furniture:

  • Consider your lifestyle and requirements

While being in touch with the latest trends is crucial, also make sure you don’t neglect considering your own preferences and needs first. Go for pieces that not only suit your aesthetic preferences but also increase or add into the functionality of your living space.


  • Mix and match different furniture

Your house is one of the most personalized space for you. Decorating it according to your personal taste and choice can add into this element and make it look more like your own. Your house should be a haven of your personal needs and a depiction of your personal taste. Therefore, mix and match different items with an intention. You can end up creating a harmonious and cohesive look through this strategy.


  • Invest in timeless pieces
Investing in timeless furniture may be the wisest decision that you have ever made. Trends in the furniture industry are constantly changing just like the fashion industry. Having timeless furniture can always save the day. These pieces would ensure that your furniture remains trendy, stylish and relevant for the years to come transcending the trends.

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