Elevate your living space with Meeshan’s exquisite coffee tables

Elevate your living space with Meeshan’s exquisite coffee tables

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In the monarchy of interior design, coffee tables are more than just furniture pieces. Rather, they are the focal point of a room that has the ability to transform and tie the whole living room together.

Meeshan is a renowned furniture brand in the realm of home décor. Our brand has successfully carved the niche for itself with its gorgeous range of coffee tables. These tables are more than just functional spaces. Rather, they depict art that can uplift the aesthetics of any room.

The art of design – Meeshan’s philosophy

The core motive of Meeshan is sheer commitment to impeccable design. The brand’s coffee table are exemplary and offer a perfect fusion between practicality and aesthetics.

Our brand’s design philosophy is to craft furniture items that tell a story. The coffee tables range from timeless classics to contemporary chic. This way, Meeshan has something to suit everyone’s diverse tastes.

They key defining features of our furniture brand are the meticulous details. We believe in intricate craftsmanship. From selecting materials to finishing touches, every element is specifically curated to enhance the ocular appeal.

No compromise on quality – Durable materials

Meeshan’s coffee tables transcend beyond aesthetics. The brand chooses materials that can stand the test of time so you don’t regret your investment. From the modern sophistication of tempered glass to the warmth of solid wood, we keep an eye out for only high-quality materials.

Other than this, the brand is also highly committed to sustainability. We have an eco-friendly approach to furniture design as we consider it our responsibility.

Exploring Meeshan’s coffee tables

  • Kianni Center Table

This furniture piece truly reflects the brand’s commitment to design excellence. It is a luxury table that incorporates an extraordinary design with marble, glass and clean golden lines.

One of the defining features that make this coffee table standout among others is its unique geometric base. The incorporation of different angles and shapes makes the table a sculptural focal point of a room.

The tabletop is curated with the highest quality of glass. The glass provides a sleek sense to the room. The base is constructed from stainless steel. This adds to the table’s structural integrity while providing a textural contrast.

While the Kianni table is worth the purchase in terms of appeal, the brand hasn’t forgotten to add the element of functionality. This piece of art has thoughtful features integrated into it making it a popular choice. The hidden compartments beneath the shelves offer optimum space for you to store magazines, remotes or anything you want to create a clutter free space. Moreover, while the table does serve as the central point of the room the dimensions are chosen very carefully. The Kianni table dimensions ensure that it doesn’t overpower the room in anyway.


  • Kyal Marble Center Table

Meeshan aspires to set the standard in the world of luxury furniture and Kyal Marble Center is created for that purpose too. It is a jaw-dropping furniture piece that incorporates opulence along with functionality. This center table stands as an example that the brand crafts furniture that transcends utility, symbolizing refined living.

The Kyal Marble Center Table stands has both a classic and contemporary hint to it. The premium marble used on the table top is what elevates the overall look of the table. The selection of marble is deliberate because it effortlessly combines a timeless elegance with a sense of luxury. The slab of marble used with in this table is selected considerately. The marble showcases extraordinary veining patterns and a polished finish that speaks sophistication and grace.


The sheen of marble makes the room glamourous. The base complements the top as it is made out of intricately designed metalwork or the warmth of wooden accents. This reflects the skills of Meeshan’s craftsmanship.

The perfect contrasting between the warm and deep base materials along with the cool and smooth marble adds dimension to the overall design. This creates a harmonious interplay of elements that is one defining feature of the brand.

 In addition to this, the size and height of the table are selected very carefully. The table top, although stunning to look at, is highly practical too. It offers optimal space to hold beverages, decorative items and more.


  • Mirage Coffee Table

With the purpose of creating contemporary furniture, Meeshan introduced the Mirage coffee table. This table’s design is more than just a conventional design.

As the name indicates, the Mirage coffee table creates the illusion of dynamic forms and floating items. The skillful designers have used optical effects into this table to captivate imagination of the customers. The table is so created to appear weightless, giving hints of magic to any room.

The design is selected to offer a balance between simplicity and complexity. The minimalist aesthetic is accompanied by an illusion of levitation.

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