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We “humans” are the product of our own complexities. We see ourselves in the eyes of beholders as we us inside out. Never let the complexities get the best of you as they drive you towards the only thing “myths” that makes a person go crazy.

We have never made an effort to get out of it rather letting time run its course and we living by it all along. That’s the very thing that has made us so used to it that we have translated that into everything we care about. Yes, care comes natural to every human being. The more sensitive we are, the more we care, the more caring we are, the more cautious we get and that leads to overthinking about make it all perfect.

Is that really the way to go about it? Having a home is sacred to the hearts of those hardworking people who give it their best shot as they strive all their lives. Are we unconsciously living with those myths in making our homes into something that people say is perfect? Indeed!

The following myths will clear your mind in helping you to think for yourself:


  • Dark rooms have a tendency to make your space look smaller

People thinks that the brighter the room is the closer it looks. On the contrary, it makes the room “feel” smaller. For example, the gray walls would seem to be farther away, giving the impression of more space between myself and the walls rather white ones. So, never generalize and always have both options rather clearing out ones that people think won’t look good.


  • All Wood in a Room Should Be the Same

 Just think, how monotonous would your home look if the room lacked the diversity. People often think everything should be somehow connected to one another and that’s when they are wrong. There should be a mix and match of things for example white walls and wood furniture are a classic combination that never seem to go out of style.


  • Limit your use of area rugs

An area rug is important in anchoring your living and bedrooms as they give the space a sense of balance and order. The now a day’s tile trend requires rugs to be placed giving the home a better taste of variety.


  • Stick to one style

 You might like your interior for few days but for how long are you going to keep your house far away from variety. It’s high time that you include various styles in your home. Have a touch of vintage, contemporary and wood in your house to make it attractive for any visitor. The only way for you to engage a visitor on his/her first visit is by add many focal points at various places in the house.


Stop following people who have a limited interior approach. Use your own mind and bring the best out of your homes! Cheers!

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