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For the past few decades, superpowers have evolved their way of creating hegemony in the world by prioritising cultural imperialism over military and economic generation warfare. We, as the developing and under developed nations lack the basic thing “belief” that the superpowers cash in to manipulate us. We are the kind of society where religion gives birth to a culture and traditions are formed from within the culture and we never try to incorporate it in our daily lives.

The west trends have not only influenced our living, dressing, environment but also our homes. We often have visitors from all over the world who are passionate to visit Pakistan and look into the culture they had been listening about for a very long time. Their passion to take souvenirs back to their homes showcase their interest more than us. There is no bad in following trends but are we making trends of our own too? Do we really believe in our self?

Homes are the best way to showcase how rich culture and traditions we follow. The west needs to know that the welcoming Pakistani’s also give importance to themselves and their work. Rather having sofas, chairs, décor and other stuff following western style, let’s add touch of our culture in the house. These the things you ought to do:

  • Have a Desi bethak in your house:

 It is crucial for a house to be full of diversity and our homes lack that part. We are so afraid to have it in our house thinking that people won’t like it. Add “Gao takiye”, “carpets” and other accessories to make your interior look good.


  • Incorporate Traditional village chairs in your Drawing Room:

A drawing room wouldn’t look impressive if it lacked a 3-seater sofa but it would look empty if it lacked chairs in it. You need to incorporate the village style chair with a table in the center to give your drawing room a diverse look.


  • Truck Art Decor is crucial:

In recent times, Pakistan’s truck art décor has become one of the creative things admired worldwide. The visitors have been eager to carry truck art souvenirs with them while heading back to their homes. So, rather focusing on having luxury decors in the house only, place these items too.


  • Kitchen should have a touch too:

No matter how much you console yourself that people are not interested in peeking in your kitchen, they’ll always do. Have a variety in your kitchen!

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