Light up your Home – Best Lamp Decor ideas

Light up your Home – Best Lamp Decor ideas

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Light up your Home – Best Lamp Decor ideas

Lamps are an excellent way of turning any dark corner into a shiny and ambient part of your home. They not only give out light but create an environment of good vibes that gives out the sensation of serenity and satisfaction. In short and simple words, lamps are what every home needs to turn it into a magical and wonderful space.


There’s so much you do with your lamp decor. Whether you purchase a luxurious, grand lamp from the market or use your old lamp in your room for a trendy DIY project, the ideas are endless. From decorating the shade to changing the base, lamps can get as magnificent as your imaginations. In this article, you will see and learn what and how you can decorate your home with trendy, modern lamps.



  • It all starts at the Top


The shade of the lamp plays a vital role in how the overall ambiance and atmosphere it will create. There are many different types of shades available today along with many DIY methods to transform your existing collection of lamps. From buttons to wallpapers, and fabrics to abstract, you can just about implement any design. Not only this, but you can also choose from various shapes and colors of the shade. Below are some examples:                        




  • The base is just as important


The lamp’s base is what gives it a complete look. It not only holds the lamp still but also makes it stand-out in terms of design and outlook. If you do a simple google search for modern lamps and go to the image section, you will find a lot of trendy and absolute state of the art design and decoration ideas that can immensely enhance the interior of any space. Sadly, they are just as expensive as well. Fortunately for you, we at Meeshan, have an amazing and diverse range of Lamps at very reasonable prices and without any compromise on the quality.




There is no Hard and Fast Rule in Home Decor


Trust your own eye and personal tastes. After all, you have to live with and be pleased with your shade choices. If it works for you, go with it.


Adding a bit of your own pizzazz to your plain, everyday lampshades won’t just perk up your side table but your entire room! Decorating older, worn-out shades or buying a bundle of inexpensive ones at the store can make a fun, creative project for you, your loved ones.


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