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Lover of vibrant colours and warm lights. Making art origami and light installations is how things should move forward.

“Tastefully mismatched”–that’s the style. “Teak doesn’t have to go with teak. Or red with red. The play of different elements is what makes a space artsy and beautiful. That’s why my favourite decor style is bohemian.”


Tips to Create a bohemian Look at Home:


Potted plants times infinity

Pepper your space with plants in earthen pots: window sills, table tops, kitchen counters… just about anywhere. And if you own more plants than furniture, you’re doing it right.



Let patterns be your pattern

Don’t be scared of patterns and prints. Zigzag patterns with stripes, bold checks with minimal ones, florals with stripes… mixing patterns with more patterns is totally on point. You can do this with curtains, bed linen, cushion covers or carpets.



Play a game of throws

Whether it’s your divan, couch, bed, or swing, throw on lots of pillows and cushions in bright colours. They need not follow the same design style or material. In fact, the more eclectic they are, the better.



Rug it out

Don’t keep the floor visible, cover it completely with carpets. (not kidding) Rugs add colour and texture to your space, creating a cosy, playful ambience.



Do or DIY

The quickest way to earn boho cred is to DIY. I love papercrafts, and find it meditative. Here’s a flock of origami birds we made recently in the office. It’s super easy and looks beautiful.



Low and behold!

The true spirit of bohemian style is keeping your furniture low. From your couch to your bed. It makes the room look spacious, and with all the cushions, and carpets, it works together to create a cosy haven.


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