Upgrade your Lounge with Meeshan

Upgrade your Lounge with Meeshan

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Decorating your home with the classy furniture has never been easier. We understand that finding the right pieces of furniture and ornaments can be an exhausting task. You want everything to be easily accessible at one place rather than having to visit multiple showrooms, right?

To make things easier for you, Meeshan has been bridging the gap between you and new design furniture. Our latest collection of ornaments is an excellent choice for you, if you are looking to redecorate.

Meeshan’s classy and durable furniture is the go-to choice for a lot of people, based on its excellent designs and unique cuts. Whether you are looking for elegant center tables or alluring and latest sofa designs, Meeshan has got you covered! Our latest wooden dining table is now available to add further grace to your living room. Let your furniture be a statement of your personality with Meeshan!

Come explore our latest lounge collection of designer furniture with us.

Dining Table Collection

Designed by our expert designers, our newest dining table collection is a symbol of our premium quality. Whether you want your dining table in gloss or with matte finishing, we will cater to your requirements.

We have an extensive collection of statement dining tables for you to choose from, according to your taste. With modern designs, unique themes, elegant yet edgy cuts, and different sizes, Meeshan is there to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your home. Visit our store or browse online and get your hands on our signature pieces, before they run out!


Some of our latest and hottest selling signature pieces have been showcased in the pictures above. The pictures speak for themselves! A blend of both light and dark colors can be seen in furniture, which appeals to the aesthetic sense. Our prices are nothing compared to the premium quality we offer. Additionally, we offer the most extensive range of dining tables in Pakistan.

The compactness and quality of our furniture has always been appreciated by our clientele. Not only do we provide the trendiest furniture, we also ensure that it is long-lasting and reliable. Our signature furniture collection is now in stores. Book your orders today and become a part of the Meeshan family!

Experience comfort with us

Whether you are looking for comfortable and reliable chairs for office use or for a study table in your home, we have a wide variety of the most cozy and comfortable chairs. Our comfortable yet classy chair collection is highly recommended in the corporate sector as well.

Our designer chairs are intricately built to incorporate both comfort and luxury. When you have to sit on a chair for a large portion of your day, it is essential that your chair is relaxing enough to get you through the day, if not to increase your productivity.


 Some of our designer chairs are showcased above, you can pick and choose according to what goes with the theme of your workspace. We promise our customers durability, comfort and luxury, and have always delivered beyond that. All of our designer chairs are built using premium quality leather and foam, which lasts a lifetime.

Redecorate your Lounge with Us

Are you tired of your old and ordinary chairs? Does your dining table look outdated? If so, then it is time to upgrade with the latest and trendy collection from Meeshan, and experience quality like never before.

If you want to change the general outlook of your drawing room and make it more spacious, our round dining table collection is the absolutely perfect choice for you! Sit closer, feel closer and reconnect with your family during dining. We use the most premium quality marble and steel in the tables to ensure that they are long-lasting and reliable.


Meeshan is one of the leading premium furniture manufacturers in Pakistan that offers both comfort and luxury. We have a loyal clientele, because once you become a part of the Meeshan family, it is hard to let go and we make sure of that!

Our clients are our utmost priority and we make sure that they have the best experience with us. We never compromise on quality so if you are looking to add elegance, comfort and style to your home or workplace while being cost-efficient, you are exactly where you need to be.


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