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Top 6 Products from Meeshan under Rs.300,000

Top 6 Products from Meeshan under Rs.300,000

Finding reasonably priced items from luxury furniture manufacturers can be difficult because these products are frequently more expensive because they are made with higher-quality materials, finer craftsmanship, and more exclusive designs. However, several high-end furniture companies provide more affordable priced solutions without compromising on quality or design.


Investing in top-notch luxury furniture may make all the difference when it comes to designing an opulent and cozy living area. A famous name in luxury furniture, Meeshan has been at the forefront of creating wonderful items that perfectly combine style, grace, and usefulness. This article will examine the best 6 Meeshan goods that fall within the Rs. 300,000 price range and offer the ideal balance of elegance and affordability.

Jane Sofa: (Rs. 215,000)

A timeless classic that screams refinement and comfort is the Jana Sofa. Meeshan has done an outstanding job creating this classic style. This sofa gives any space an air of grandeur because it is made with premium fabric and is painstakingly stitched to perfection. The colour of this sofa makes it perfect for any setting but it’s perfect for the modern interiors. Its thick, plush cushions guarantee a comfortable and supportive seating experience. The Jane Sofa is a statement piece with a majestic style that will become the centre of attention in your living space.

Mitzi Gold Armchair Dining Set: (Rs. 93,500)

The Mitzi Gold Armchair Dining Set from Meeshan is a great option for individuals looking to improve their dining experience. This dining set is made of solid wood and has a rich finish that emanates elegance and charm. The table’s sophisticated shape and intricately sculpted legs demonstrate Meeshan’s dedication to craftsmanship. This dining table set offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings with family and friends when paired with a set of cozy, upholstered armchairs. This dining set from Meeshan guarantees an opulent eating experience every time, whether you’re hosting a small dinner party or simply eating with loved ones.

Burgax Bed: (Rs. 270,000)

Meeshan’s Burgax Bed made from leather is the ideal option for a contemporary and sleek appearance. This bed delivers a simple, yet opulent appeal due to its clean lines and superior leather construction. Smaller bedrooms benefit from the low-profile platform design since it gives the appearance of more space. This bed's smooth leather headboard offers excellent support for relaxing or reading in comfort, making it as practical as it is fashionable. Burgax Bed from Meeshan can be a useful and a stylish addition to your home.


Sienna Centre Table: (Rs. 125,000)

A contemporary masterwork that flawlessly fuses form and function is Meeshan’s Sienna Centre Table. The elegant marble top and distinctive geometric base of this coffee table make it the focal point of any living space. It is the perfect option for smaller interiors because of the open design’s ability to give the impression of space. In addition to adding a sense of elegance, the Sienna Centre Table from Meeshan offers an efficient surface for setting drinks, books, or decorative items.

ISTINYE Side Tables: (Rs. 180,000)

Meeshan’s ISTINYE Side Tables are a gorgeous option for people looking for a hint of traditional elegance. Luxurious marble paired with premium wood frame results in stunning artwork that emanates richness. When used with both traditional and modern design, these side tables become the centre of attention for any living space. The ISTINYE Side Tables from Meeshan give a touch of opulence to your homes, whether you use them as bedside tables in the bedrooms or use them as end tables in the living rooms.

Malfay Crystal Lamp: (Rs. 27,500)

A perfect example of exquisite beauty is Meeshan’s Malfay Crystal Lamp. This lamp, created with a chic combination of crystal and metal, has a classic appeal that melds seamlessly with both trendy and conventional décor. Light is captured and refracted by the delicate crystal design, creating a mesmerizing display of sparkle and shimmer. The sheer elegance of this lamp will astound your visitors while also illuminating your space and acting as a captivating centrepiece. Meeshan’s stunning Malfay Crystal Lamp will add a warm glow of elegance and grandeur to your life.


Meeshan’s high-end furniture items priced under Rs. 300,000 provide you the chance to spruce up your living space without going over budget. The top 6 products listed above demonstrate Meeshan’s dedication to fine manufacturing, innovative design, and customer comfort. Meeshan has a variety of solutions to fit your style and budget, whether you are searching for a statement sofa, a regal bed, or a modern coffee table. With these gorgeous pieces from Meeshan, you can elevate your house and spend everyday living in luxury.