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Tips to Managing Guests and Celebrations this Eid!

Tips to Managing Guests and Celebrations this Eid!

Tips to Managing Guests and Celebrations this Eid!


Food, lightings, holidays, desserts, new clothes, and gifts zooming your way, there’s so much to love about Eid! But it also portrays W-O-R-K: cleaning and decluttering the house through and through, stressing over keeping it clean, planning for the arrival of guests, making supper arrangements, figuring out how to keep your guests entertained and so on. Here are some tips from us to enable you to endure this celebration:


Tip #1: We have been brought up in a way to go beyond our comfort zones when caring for someone. It’s important to apply this idea and make room for your guests so that no one ends up sleeping on the floor!



Tip #2: You can never expect kids to stay quiet and calm. They’ll have a riot, especially with friends and cousins around. Make sure that you give them space to run free! Invest in slip-safe rugs and doormats to ensure their safety. Caution: Put away items that can be easily toppled or broken.



Tip #3: You have to be well prepared for everything. Where there are too many jostling elbows at the dining table, there are bound to be spilled. What you can do to minimize the damage is to use party-friendly extendable dining tables, and table runners.



Tip #4: Most of the times, you have more people than seating? The ideal way to adapt to such condition is by investing in some nifty beanbags or poufs.



Tip #5: Exhilarated kids, over-enthusiastic guests, rich food, gossips can get a lot overwhelming. Let yourself gather the energy by taking a break every now and then. Sneak away, and park yourself outdoors for a quiet cup of coffee early in the morning.



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