The importance of decorating your Baby’s Room wisely. Stylish & Influencing Ideas!

The importance of decorating your Baby’s Room wisely. Stylish & Influencing Ideas!

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The importance of decorating your Baby’s Room wisely. Stylish & Influencing Ideas!

People in this part of the world belong to the type of society where moral and emotional upbringing has always been our parents top priority. Building a kid’s character with these codes of nurturing has been the key to success. Our sensitivity varies from people to people but increases in the case of something extra sensitive. Yes, babies get all the love and care not because their age demands so, but our sensitivity attached to them.

All our lives, women are told fancy stuff about their prince charming, marriage, having kids one day and they wait for the god’s honor to have children and bring them up. When the time comes to have our babies, we tend to develop more affection, care, and sensitivity for them. Somehow, that makes us more conscious about what to choose best for them. Maybe because the more sensitive we are, the more we care and that makes us cautious. These cautions lead us to confusion!

The first thing that gets them confused after pregnancy is how to design their baby’s room. Color is one of the most noticeable qualities of the world around us. For babies and small children, understanding color is an essential building block they will use for learning in all aspects of their life. Not only does color play a vital role in the overall aesthetic of a space, but it also impacts a baby’s mood, emotional wellbeing, productivity, learning, and behavior.

Why still stuck between blue and pink? You need to try different colors depending on the age of your baby. We’ll help you get out of it. These are the choices you need to make:



Up to 3 months:

In the first few months, a baby can mainly see black, grey and white. For this very reason, a monochrome color scheme with contrasting patterns provides the baby with good visual stimulation.



3-6 months:

As your baby continues to grow, the room should be more colorful as bright colors are important in stimulating the brain. The good thing about starting with a monochrome color base is that you can introduce any color to complement your existing decor.



6-12 months:

It’s the time when baby’s color vision is well developed so introduce different stuff to your baby’s room. Placement of wall art, toys, and books. There is no need to change everything, you can easily add color by using your child’s existing toys or books as functional decor items.



1-2 years:

During this course of time, your baby’s oral development begins. It is during this time that a child will also begin to differentiate between colors. Use simple decor items like colored wallpapers, a cute garland or multi-colored cushions, to create an interesting and vibrant environment.



3 to 4 years:

By this age, your child will begin to recognize, identify and name basic colors. The simple placement of different colored items such as beanbags, toys or bedding in your child’s room enables you to help strengthen and reinforce these basic color recognition skills.



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