NESTING TABLES – What are they, Purpose and Use

NESTING TABLES – What are they, Purpose and Use

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Quality of the furniture is a factor alone that plays a crucial role in enhancing our lifestyle. Meeshan is a conspicuous name in the Pakistani furniture industry. The brand has effortlessly transformed the ability of individuals interact and comprehend furniture. By bringing about an innovative turn in the designs and promoting sustainable practices, Meeshan has turned the furniture world transforming it for the good.

The brand’s approach to design is much different from the out-of-date styles. Meeshan is well-aware of how furniture is not just about utility but the significant role it can play to enhance the ambiance of a living space.

In the times when environmental conservation is considered paramount and there is increasing awareness regarding it, Meeshan is practicing maximum sustainability. By employing eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, the brand reduces its carbon footprint.


NESTING TABLES – What are they, purpose and use

Nesting tables are also known as occasional or versatile tables. These tables are basically a merger of two or more than two tables. These may be of uniform or varying sizes. Moreover, nesting tables are designed to provide a neat amalgamation. The purpose of nesting tables is to cater to a number of uses. In addition to this, nesting tables also provide an extensive storage option to create a clutter free space.

As mentioned above, Meeshan is all about convenient furniture. Our brand has a wide range of nesting tables made with high-quality craftsmanship. These tables are manufactured by keeping important components such as versatility, functionality and style into view.



1- Meeshan’s Troika Nesting Table Set - An example of sleek, contemporary aesthetic:

Made out of the best quality materials like metal, solid wood and glass, these nesting tables are one of a kind. The Troika Nesting table set is a reflection of the brand’s sheer commitment to superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. It has a minimalist design which is why it stands as a symbol of beauty.

The clean lines can serve to a variety of preferences and tastes. Other than this, the modular design allows for a variety of customisation options. Buyers have the ability to create extraordinary configurations through the excellent option of mix and match. One distinguishing feature that sets Meeshan’s tables apart is versatility. One can use them separately as side tables or combine them into a gorgeous ensemble to make up a coffee table.


2- Lexus Marble Center Table - Offering functionality at its best:

Meeshan’s nesting tables are much more than the outer appeal. Rather, these tables are designed giving a priority to functionality. Lexus Marble Center Table is another example of functionality. This table set can serve as a center table due to its vast size and capacity to accommodate things.

When these tables are not in use, they can be compactly nested together. This saves up a lot of space. Moreover, when extra surface space is required, these tables can be placed strategically.

Other than serving the traditional purpose of coffee tables, these tables can serve numerous purposes.

Lexus marble table can also be used as a display surface. One can accommodate decorative pieces along with trays.


3- Kum Saati Nesting Table - A symbol of quality craftsmanship

Kum Saati Nesting Table is meticulously crafted. Skilled artisans use traditional woodwork with hints of modernism to create a masterpiece. In addition to this, this nesting table is made through advanced manufacturing processes.

Meeshan selects the most superior quality of materials and incorporates present day manufacturing processes. This in-turn creates a perfect furniture item.

The sleek and smooth finish, accuracy of metalwork and the clear glass, every minute detail sets the brand’s nesting table apart from the alternatives.


4- Strirado Nesting Tables - The epitome of versatility  

Strirado nesting tables are not only for living rooms rather, they offer versatility on another level. These tables can be placed in the bedrooms or even in the offices. This nesting table can adopt to different uses and purposes.

You can use this table to place snacks, coffee and drinks for your guests. On the other hand, the exquisiteness of this table can also accommodate a number of ornaments.

One unconventional use of this category of nesting table is in the bedroom. You can also utilise it as a bedside table. The table has a very convenient option to store regular use items. It can also serve as a space to display books.

Other than this, the table set can be put into an office or study room. The visuals of a work space can have a direct impact on creativity. Creating a clean region with organised work essentials can ultimately boost productivity. With efficient storage solutions, you can create a clutter free space while maintaining the aesthetic essence of your work area.

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