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Phablets, juicer-mixer-grinders, showers with speakers. We want everything that’s part of our homes to do more. Especially when it comes to furniture. Besides the obvious advantage of cost-effectiveness, multipurpose furniture also saves space and gives you room to get creative. While some pieces are designed to serve a twin purpose, others can be made to work the double shift with a little imagination.

Explore the chest drawers:

Sometimes, all you need is a big drawer to place all the stuff that cannot be discarded at all. Declutter your room and assemble it into a chest drawer. Save space!



Explore sofa beds:

At the top of the double-duty furniture list is the sofa-bed. An ingenious invention, it’s couch by day, and bed by night (or vice versa). It’s perfect for impromptu sleepovers, visiting cousins, and that one friend who’s had one too many. A life-saving addition to many a tiny apartment, they come in a host of colours and designs. Primarily intended as a footrest when reclining on a couch or armchair, it doubles up as a stool or extra seat, and triples up as an impromptu side table (or coffee table, depending on the size) for a cocktail tray or a plate of snacks.



Explore Multitasking LED Wall cabinets:

Glass-front display cabinets and sideboards allow for some nifty multitasking. Chameleonic bookshelves: Apart from their central purpose of showcasing book collections, bookshelves are mutable creatures. They can be used as display units, media units, and room dividers. Prop a bookshelf vertically against a wall and use it to exhibit your travel souvenirs. Place it horizontally, set your television on top of it, and turn it into a media unit. An open bookshelf, displayed horizontally or vertically, can stand in as an extension of a wall or as a room divider.



Explore our chairs:

The secret lives of chairs and stools: We all know what function they serve, but few of us know their secret lives – as nightstands, plant tables, side tables, and make-shift ladders. Invest in a couple of well-made perch stations and give free rein to your imagination.


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