Modern and Affordable Bridal Bed Sets in Pakistan

Modern and Affordable Bridal Bed Sets in Pakistan

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Meeshan is a luxury furniture provider, where we not only promise excellence but deliver it too. At Meeshan we combine style, luxury and comfort and offer premium quality to our customers.

Based on our quality and our durability, we have a dedicated clientele. Meeshan has you covered for all your furniture needs, whether you need furniture for your house or your office. We have an extensive range of bed sets available, each designed intricately and thematically to be the center of attention in your room. 

With wedding season coming up, Meeshan has taken off your stress of finding a bridal bed set for your new room or your son’s or daughter’s room. Our signature collection of bridal bed sets is designed with the utmost perfection and details.

Each curve or each cut compliments the other and the bed set as a whole presents a refined and elegant outlook. If you are looking for both modern and affordable bridal sets in Pakistan, Meeshan is the answer!

Here is a list of our premium and affordable bridal bed sets:

Deco Bed King Size


The original price of the Deco bed is Rs.325, 000, but now you can get it at a discounted price of Rs.275,000. It is one of our premium and the hottest selling articles in this wedding season.

The cream color of the bed compliments every room, it goes perfectly well with a pastel color themed bedroom and it also compliments dark colored rooms by adding depth to them. While designing the bed, we have been very particular in using the best quality of fabric and other materials.

The Deco bed paired with our Deco dresser and Deco side tables will give your room a complete and royal look!

Camlica Bed King Size


Our Camlica bed is one of our most affordable beds. If you are looking for luxury and elegance at an affordable price, this bed set is ideal for you. With the prices of bridal sets in Pakistan on the rise, this bed set will not only give a regal outlook to your new room but it will also go light on your pocket.

The Camlica bed is cream colored base with a hint of grey, it will go perfectly well in a dark colored bedroom paired with the side tables as the bed and some dark velvet upholstered chairs. The original price of the bed is Rs.245,000 and the discounted price is Rs.170,000.

Polo Bed King Size


Our Polo bed set is a whole package featuring a modern and elegantly designed bed, paired with small wooden side tables that complement the bed really well.

The bed set has a very smart and sleek look that will look absolutely stunning in any bedroom! The fabric of the bed is dark grey couple with wooden side tables, adding a plant or two will alleviate the entire look of your room. The original price of the bed set is Rs.325, 000, but now you can get it at a discounted price of Rs.275,000.

Nirvana Bed Set


The Nirvana bed set is one of our bestsellers. It includes the Nirvana bed, Nirvana side tables and the Nirvana dresser. When paired together everything compliments one another. The detailing on the side tables and the dresser is very intricate and the cutline of the bed is very unique and elegant.

The bed costs Rs.275,000. The original price of the dresser is Rs. 235,000, however now you can get it at a discounted rate of Rs.176,250. The side tables are also available at a discounted price of Rs.125,000 from Rs.175,000. This bed set is the perfect bridal bed set in Pakistan, which is not only luxurious and classy but also affordable. 

Finding both quality and class, at reasonable prices is very hard these days. However, Meeshan has always believed in providing its clientele the best in everything. We promise excellence, and we exceed beyond your expectations when we deliver!

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