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Meeshan Luxury Home Furniture | Office Chairs | Dinning Chairs

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Meeshan is a luxury home furniture brand that is known for its functional furniture designs. With a vast variety of furniture options, from living room to office room, our brand strives to become a go-to brand for stylish home décor options.

Our furniture is designed by keeping a number of customer concerns in mind. On top of our priorities is practicality. Our versatile furniture collection gives you the option to select something for your home that would immediately up the game of your rooms and would not limit you in any way.

Meeshan’s luxury dining chairs

If you aspire to put an effort into making every part of your home special, then you wouldn’t ever skip the dining room. Dining room is much more than just a space where you visit to have your lunches and dinners. It is a place where you might spend the longest time if you have guests over and chat about different things. This is why a dining room should feel welcoming.

If we talk about the ideal ways in which you can furnish a dining room, you must know that the dining chairs can make or break the overall aesthetic of the space. The dining chairs should be more than just appealing. They should be comfortable and durable so you don’t have to replace them in a very short duration of time. This is exactly what Meeshan’s furniture is about, durability, aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Below are some of Meeshan’s luxury dining chairs that you need in your dining room.

1- Anakie dining chair

This dining chair comes with an elegant style. It is made out of a strong frame with an upholstered seat and back that is made out of high-quality material.

The fabric used in the chair is premium quality which is why it is both durable and super soft. The back of the chair really supports your back and helps you maintain a good, upright posture as you eat. The beautiful and well-crafted design is decent yet adds a very royal touch to your dining room.

Anakie dining chair is also customizable in terms of colors. You can get the chair in three distinct colors: white, black and a gorgeous grey. The legs of the chairs have a stunning glossy finish.

In addition to this, the finishing of the seat is commendable as extra effort has been put into the design of the chair along with its intricate details, all add into the reasons why the chair is perfect. 

2- The NOVA dining chair

The NOVA dining chair combines the element of grace with a touch of modernism. The chair has a curved backrest and tapered legs that are light brown wooden in color. If your dining room’s theme is based more of a contemporary, minimalist type, then the NOVA dining chair would go perfectly in your space.

Other than that, the chair is made out of a high-quality fabric that makes it comfortable and long-lasting. The chair is overall curated with a compact style and therefore, it would ideally go with smaller dining tables.

The minimalist design, fabric’s softness and its exquisite design are all the elements that make this dining chair standout among others in the market.

3- Nyx dining chair

With a very sleek design, the Nyx dining chair can effortlessly fit into any space. It can be ideal for small apartments or big houses as it has a versatile design. The chair can for sure make a statement in any dining room.

The chair is bold and contemporary yet comfortable. The striking fabrics are premium quality and had a scrumptious feel that makes it super luxurious. The chairs’ legs are finished with a glossy black lacquer along with golden ends that compliment all colors of the Nyx dining chairs.

The chair comes in a variety of different colors. You can find them in black, an emerald green, beige and dark grey.

Meeshan’s luxury office chairs

Meeshan is a brand that is synonymous with elegance and luxury. Our brand’s office chairs are no exception to that. They are an excellent choice of chairs for your office as they are made out of high-quality wool. The base of chairs is made out of a sturdy oak wood.

The luxury Turkish collection of office chairs is all that you need to complete your office. The adjustable heights of these chairs along with the tilt mechanisms add into the reasons why they are a ‘must have.’

Some of Meeshan’s office chairs are mentioned below:

1- Ray executive office chair

The Ray executive office chair features a classical design that never goes out of trend. The elegant curves and design of the chair is all about sophistication. The chair comes with a high-heighted back which would properly support your posture and back especially if you have to spend hours in the office working. The material of the chair is leather which adds into making the chair look elegant.

The armrests of chair are sized generously which is one important component that one would look for in an office chair. The chair is padded with a high-density foam and the legs are made out of a sturdy stainless steel. The swivel mechanism of the chair helps you turn easily.

The chair can be adjusted to a maximum height of 18’’ while its minimum height is 15’’. Moreover, the back height of the chair is 29.5’’ along with a width of 25’’.

2- Tournant Office Chair

If you are in search of a chair that falls more on the affordable and pocket-friendly end yet features a stunning, modern design then the Tournant office chair is all you need for your office.


The chair comes with a V-shaped along with 3 horizontal bars that can provide the utmost support to your spine. It keeps your body properly aligned and can accommodate people with different sizes.

The minimum height of the chair is 17.5’’ while the maximum height can go up to 21.5’’. The back height of chair is 20’’.

The chair is curated with utmost precision and perfection. Despite it coming with a lower price than the others, there are no compromises made on the quality of the chair. It serves as the ideal chair not only for your office but also for you in-room work and study space.

3- Mack office chair

Your home office working experience shouldn’t be less than the office working experience. With the right office furniture, you would be surprised how you can enhance your productivity.

Mack office chair promises to give you the ultimate office experience. The chair is designed ergonomically to help provide support to not only the lumbar area but also the neck area, so you don’t suffer from problems like tension neck syndromes.

Other than that, the chair is also easily adjustable. You can also adjust the chair according to your own individual and specific needs which is why it is considered as a personalized chair that you can customize as per your requirements.

To top it off, the chair can add a hint of sophistication to your office room.

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