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Make your House truly a Home. Remodelling Ideas and Tips!

Make your House truly a Home. Remodelling Ideas and Tips!

Make your House truly a Home. Remodelling Ideas and Tips!



Are you planning to remodel your home this year? To finally get that straight-out-of-a-magazine space you’ve always dreamed of? We have good news. We’ve caught up with our interior design accomplices to compile some insights on what decor trends are this year.

This year is going to be the year of eclectic decor. So, your number one rule is: There are no rules!” Let your creativity flow and create spaces that speak volumes about you. We’re here just to make sure you don’t get too carried away.




While I favor neutral shading palettes and textures for walls, blue and green hues are making a major comeback. The Pantone color of the year, Greenery, will be seen dominating home decor this season. So, you now have the ideal reason to go green. Light hues of blues, greys, and whites accented with brighter colors will be seen throughout the home.




Bold geometric prints, vibrant tropical prints, and different textures create an eclectic set up that dreams are made of. Self-designs can also be seen on curtains and tosses. For those of you who are inclined towards a progressive Pakistan, yet contemporary look, this is what you should do.




Wood is evergreen and will never go out of style. Other than that, earthenware, iron, brass, and copper are also in vogue. Cane – which was used mainly for open-air or patio furniture – is also making a comeback in a big way, perhaps in combination with solid wood. “My go-to word this year is tactile – combining opposite-natured materials to create a whole new feel.




This year, we’ll be seeing a lot more wood and a lot less plush in seating. Scandinavian designs that are compact, lightweight, and at the same time durable and comfortable. People are becoming more aware that furniture is a long-term investment and they look for good quality, durable furniture. They want furniture they can move easily if they want to shift homes. They are also becoming increasingly conscious of the environment. So furniture that meets these criteria is making its mark this year,” We recommend minimal, compact, yet cozy loungers as go-to seating.




Bedrooms are getting a plush upgrade. Upholstered beds in contemporary designs are in. With apartments becoming smaller and lack of space becoming a constant concern, beds with storage will also never go out of style.




Kitchens are very personal spaces and need to be designed to the needs of those who use them. This is why we think modular kitchens with personal details will remain in high demand. Modern Indian homes usually have a small kitchen area, so the aim is to make it look as open and airy as possible. The key is to use a lot of light colors like steel grey, white, matte greys, and blacks with bright accent colors like orange, yellow, or green threw in. It would be interesting to be able to reverse the materials we think apply to a certain surface. It would surely be deviating from the clichés of kitchen design.



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