Make your Home more Luxurious for cheap with these Tricks and Tips!

Make your Home more Luxurious for cheap with these Tricks and Tips!

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Make your Home more Luxurious for cheap with these Tricks and Tips!

Everyone wants to have a home which looks luxurious but they don’t have that many funds to beautify it like a millionaire. So, to decorate your home you have to spend some money on beautiful lamps, rugs, and fancy lights. Decorating your living room must be your topmost priority as this is the first room where guests have to make an entry.


Well here are some key tips to make your home more luxurious





Painting is not a very expensive idea and it brings out a clear difference in your room. You should select the paints according to your personal taste and depending upon the requirement of the room. Adding a bold color or choosing a lighter shade for the room entirely changes the feel of it and it improves the environment a lot.


If you want your home to look more classy, it may be wise to pick a very neutral color like cream, pastel blue, or light grey. Light colors make a room feel larger. Furniture and artwork also stand out more. Dark or non-traditional colors make a room feel cozier, but it can also be distracting. Many luxury homes use creams, browns, and honey shades to paint their first floor. Bold colors are usually used on more private rooms such as the bedrooms, or bathrooms.


In general, pay attention to the rooms and furniture in your house that could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Updating older items can make them feel brand new.




When you were a teenager, hanging a poster on the wall was totally acceptable. As an adult, it just feels very cheap and immature. If you want your home to be more luxurious, it may be time to invest in some art. The good news is, art doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars per piece.


One should think about to give your room a wow factor by hanging a beautiful piece of art on one of the walls in your space. This can give a stylish look to your space with little difficulty. You can have a look to buy some beautiful painting in some economical stores or you can even make a painting if you want to. You can also decorate one of your walls with family pictures. It will give the feel of your home, but you don’t need to decorate each and every wall of your home.




Most luxurious homes are spotless because they place their furniture in a way that is clutter free. Hide your clutter in baskets and decorative bowls. Create a theme for each room. See-through bookcases, shelves, and nooks are your best friend. Place antiques, pictures, or anything of value on open display.

You may not have a designer to arrange the space in your home, but you can certainly take a cue from them. Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. You will notice that when a room is well-designed, everything has a home and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.





No matter how expensive your home may be, it’s all for nothing if you can’t even see it. Pay attention to the lighting in your house, especially at night. Remove any furniture and push back thick curtains that may be blocking natural light in the daytime. Add lamps in dark spaces, and swap out your existing light bulbs for new ones. You would be shocked to see just how bright new LED bulbs actually are.

Begin with the big overhead lights in your home. Do you love them? Are they modern? Is the light too harsh? Consider changing out-dated overhead lights with modern, sculptural light fixtures that speak to your decor. It is also best to have a dimmer installed on these overhead lights. Dimmers are the key to mood lighting.


For letting greenery in, you can place vases or bowls of greenery around the house. This will revitalize a dull room. A bowl of artificial fruit in any room can be used to liven up the monotonous environment. A vase full of flowers, acorns, twigs, or any element of nature added to a room is a sure-fire way to add class and elegance.




You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and your guests will judge your home immediately upon opening your front door. Even if you have been in and out of your home a million times, you still have a subconscious reaction to your entryway.


It’s best to start with a small entryway table. Whether it be marble, wood or shiny lacquer, the entryway table can be your starting point. If you have room, a large round table makes a dramatic statement when floated in the middle of an entry. Then add to this table: a pretty lamp, a bowl to contain a few collected knick-knacks, some books or other things that appeal to your tastes, and of course, a pretty flower arrangement.


Luxury homes always have vast, open entryways that welcome you into the home. They are always clean and organized. If you have kids, and it’s a necessity to take your shoes off at the door, consider buying a shelf or a cupboard that will hide away the mess.




On a tight budget, it is obviously very difficult to create a truly luxurious home or living space. But with right tricks and techniques, you can at least create an illusion of a serene and luxurious home. You can do that by what interior designers call it as ‘The Art of Displaying’. With a few antique and vintage decor pieces and displaying your belongings tastefully, you can deceive or illude them into thinking that you have spent a fortune into making your home wonderful luxurious living space.


When some people hear “antiques”, they imagine walking into a museum where every piece is worth thousands of dollars. But there are actually tons of amazing antique and vintage pieces out there. Incorporating even just a few older pieces into your home decor looks a lot posher than using all brand new stuff you bought


In luxurious homes, they don’t have huge collections in their living spaces. Not everyone looks like they live in a magazine. They just know how to display their belongings in a tasteful way. Try creating vignettes, or clusters of items that have a common theme. Donate any items you can really live without, and try to focus on displaying your favorite things.

A tight budget should never stop someone from designing his or her own home for comfort and luxury. After all, home is where you really are yourself. To start your remodeling all you really need is efficient planning, a handy hardware shop, and a little elbow grease.


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