Luxury Sofas in Pakistan

Luxury Sofas in Pakistan

Posted by haroon javed

As a center piece of an area where socializing is the main idea, a sofa set is a focal point. It serves as a comfortable sitting place by balancing out the décor it is placed in. So give your lounge a luxurious touch with Meeshan Luxe Home's latest designer sofa set collection. But are you confused as to which sofa design will go with what kind of décor? This article will highlight ideas on how to style your drawing or lounge room with our luxury sofa set; minimalistic, industrial, boho, modern, Scandinavian chic or so. So let’s start working on designing your room. 

Modern sofa style 

This modern style and luxury sofa is perfect for your drawing area. This versatile yet stylish designer sofa set comes in many options like 1 seater a 3 seater or a complete sofa set (pair of both). The tufted back and metallic legs of the sofa give it a very chic look that can be placed in any kind of setting. Throw a neutral coloured throw on it with matching or contrasting cushions in velvet material for a very royal touch to the sofa. 

Camlica Sofa

Our Camlica sofa is a mid-century style sofa, with varying options for you to choose from. With its unique and dramatic look, this curvaceous sofa is a combination of contemporary and simple styles. Such a luxury sofa design that comes in colours like this handsome royal blue and pristine off white colour will make you want to get creative with colours in your drawing-room. The one-seater is available in beige colour, while you have the option of the two colours for the 3 seaters, or maybe get a little creative with a splash of some colours with the entire sofa set for your drawing room area. 


The shape and the spot where you place your sofas are crucial for the setting of your room. A sectional sofa is perfect for larger spaces such as a theatre room.  Instead of getting an entire sofa set including 4 to 7 pieces, where the 7 seater sofa set price in Pakistan can go up to lacs, this one is definitely worth the price! If you want something unique for your space, this Milano Large Kose sofa set should be it! It is an ideal sitting arrangement for a large group of friends or gathering on any day without a hassle.  

To create your own cosy little space to unwind after coming back home from work you may want to get the 2 seater sofa designer set. 

Albert Modern sofa

Set your room with something completely out of the ordinary with our “Albert Modern sofa”. This monochromatic themed sofa is perfect for any setting. The 3 seater sofa is available in black and grey colour, paired with black and white striped printed cushions to add the oomph factor.  This set has a luxury sofa design that can instantly catch everyone's attention due to its highly uncommon colour combination and design of the upholstery. Considering the current sofa set price in Pakistan, the entire set comes under a very reasonable price range. The set also comprised a stylish black and light grey coloured 1 seater which you can buy separately and place in your home office or reading room as well. 

Moreover, the sofa seats are supported by stylish and sleek wooden legs to give it a traditional and modern look at the same time. 

Eva Corner Relax Sofa

Meeshan has a huge variety of sofa designs that will serve every purpose. Hence our Eva Corner Relax sofa stands true to its name. The design of this sofa set is perfect for any corner of the lounge and serves the purpose of providing comfort. This sofa set can also serve as a day bed, where you can lay down for your short noon naps. A wooden sofa is not that comfortable for such purposes, hence you should always look for a “fat condo” sofa. Throw on woven cashmere or some longitudinal pillows in vibrant colours to make your corner look quirky and super cool.

Jane three seater sofa

Now coming to smaller areas and their sofa settings, our Jane three seater sofa set is a contemporary sofa with a minimalistic Scandinavian design. Perfect for a surprise guest appearance, it has got highly comfortable yet reversible cushion seats. You can place any coloured cushion along with a vibrant throw to add some colour to this design sofa. Nowadays, a wooden sofa set price in Pakistan is quite high if you get it made by your carpenter, and chances are that the finishing might not be up to the mark. Hence, get your deal fixed by purchasing this stunner looking sofa set in a very economical price range. 

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