Dine in style Choosing the perfect dining room furniture with Meeshan

Dine in style Choosing the perfect dining room furniture with Meeshan

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The dining room isn’t only a place to eat your meals. It is that portion of your house where your loved ones would come together to share meals, ideas and create irreplaceable and lasting memories. It is a pivotal point of hospitability, togetherness and warmth.

The dining room should be inviting, stylish and more than just about functionality. One brand that has been making waves in the world of furniture is Meeshan.

The Meeshan Experience

Meeshan is a known brand. It is famous and popular for its aesthetics and premium quality. We offer a wide variety of furniture which include dining room sets, specifically curated to elevate your dining experience. What makes Meeshan stand out among the other brands commitment to extraordinarily unique designs, craftsmanship, and a wide variety of options to cater every taste and preference.

The essence of dining furniture

Dining room furniture is much more than just a set of chairs and tables. It is an addition of your personal aesthetic and a reflection of your home’s overall style. When choosing the ideal dining room furniture, numerous key factors should be considered. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Material and durability

Everyone knows how crucial the material of any furniture in your house is. This isn’t for the purpose of aesthetics but also to achieve the goal of durability. Meeshan uses the highest quality of materials to make sure that your furniture would stand the test of time and last you years to come. From durable glass to solid wood, Meeshan’s furniture sets are built to last.

  • Functionality

Functionality is an element that cannot be neglected when choosing the furniture for your dining room. You should look for features that make your dining experience convenient. Our brand offers storage solutions, extendable tables and so much more.

  • Size

When choosing a furniture set, always look for the available space. Measure the room and then decide what size of set would look ideal in your room. Meeshan offers a long list of options, from expansive tables for big rooms to small and compact designs.


Meeshan’s luxury dining sets

  • A touch of elegance: Xander Modern Wooden Dining

The Xander wooden dining table is a versatile option with its modern design and minimalist aesthetic. This dining table is an ideal option for those individuals who have an eye for contemporary interior decor.


The table and chairs are made out of solid wood. This adds to the durability of this set along with providing a warm and inviting ambiance to your dining space.


The table’s legs and chair frames are made out of metal accents. The metal adds a touch of industrial-inspired design to create a harmonious blend of unique look.


The dining sets comes with clear instructions on how to assemble it, which is no complex task.


  • FLORYA dining set

The FLORYA dining set has an exquisitely finished wooden top with curved legs. The intricate detailing on the dining set makes it stand out among the lengthy list of options available. The chairs have a high back and the same wooden finish as the table. The seats are finished with padding to make them highly comfortable This set has a timeless charm and is sophisticated.


Our brand’s excellent craftsmanship is commendable and reflected through FLORYA dining set. The set has flawlessly upholstered chairs and hand-carved motifs. The craftsmanship is exceptional.

  • EMIRGAN Dining set

This set gives out contemporary charm with its sleek finish, simplicity and clean lines. The set includes a table with a rectangular top that is slim and has black metal legs. The metal frame of the table and chairs is sturdy. The tables go perfectly with the table as a black metal frame and neutral fabric create a cohesive ensemble.

The chairs are specifically designed to provide a comfortable experience with the cushioned fabric upholstery. This dining set’s dimensions are ideal for medium to large room spaces. However, for smaller rooms, the table set might be a little too overwhelming.


The materials used in the EMIRGAN dining set are easy to clean and maintain.


  • The Butterfly PU Leather Chair Dining set

This dining set encapsulates the spirit of a contemporary design. The minimalist aesthetics of this dining set make it a perfect selection for modern dining spaces. The table has a chic and elegant design consisting of a glass top with metal legs.


This design can lend itself well to numerous interior design styles. Its adaptability makes it a great choice for those who like to change their décor from time to time.


The Butterfly Dining set is a great investment for both style and comfort. The blend of contemporary design, high-quality materials and exceptional comfort make it a great addition into your dining room, providing you an optimal dining experience.



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