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A brand synonymous with excellence

A brand synonymous with excellence

Lighting is considered as the unsung hero when it comes to interior design. It has the ability to enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of a space. If you intend on adding a touch of opulence to a room, nothing can match the grandeur and elegance of a chandelier.

There are many brands in the market that are well-known for their chandeliers. Meeshan stands out among those brands as sign of craftsmanship, quality and jaw-dropping designs.

Meeshan – A brand synonymous with excellence

Meeshan is a brand that has been very popular for its brilliance in home décor and lighting. Its roots can be traced to commitment to design and passion for craftsmanship. Ever since its creation, the brand has constantly pushed the boundaries of innovation to redefine home lighting. Meeshan has transformed the concept of lighting and is a sign of prestige and luxury.

The Artistry Behind Meeshan Chandeliers

Meeshan’s chandeliers are more than just light fixtures. Since these chandeliers are handcrafted, meticulous attention has been given into its detailing. All of this has combined to form a piece of art.

The artists behind Meeshan’s chandeliers get their inspiration from a variety of sources. The exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary design ends up in the creation of chandeliers that are extraordinary. Each piece undergoes an arduous process of creation.

Meeshan’s chandeliers are timeless. This is because the design inspiration is drawn from nature, historical periods and architecture. Instead of mass producing its chandeliers, the skilled artisans working with the brand handcraft each and every chandelier. This is why the quality of materials and precision in craftsmanship remain unparalleled.

Meeshan is a highly customizable brand when it comes to furniture. However, the same goes for its chandeliers. The clients are given the option to select their desired size, style and shape of the chandelier. This is so that the clients can choose a lighting that is appropriate for their room size.

The range of styles by Meeshan

Chandeliers have long been celebrated as the jewels of interior design. The right chandelier can transform a simple room with its luminous opulence. From a statement piece to modern chandelier for a sleek interior, Meeshan has it all.

Some of the types of chandeliers offered by the furniture brand are listed below:

  • Classic elegance: The brand’s classic chandeliers invoke the splendor of bygone eras. The convoluted details, crystal embellishments and ornate designs make these chandeliers a perfect fit for the formal living rooms.


  • Chandelier Luxury Crystal / Luxury Warm Light

This is one classic form and design of chandelier that has hints of modernism. They are a symbol of luxury and sophistication. These chandeliers can refract light which ultimately creates a dazzling display that is visually attractive. Meeshan’s luxury crystal chandeliers are a timeless concept.

Each crystal that is used into the making of this product is hand-picked for its ability to disperse light efficiently. The makers of these chandeliers tend to assemble each piece with precision.

  • Contemporary chic: This category of chandeliers best suits those who have an eye for modern designs. These products give out the vibe of simplicity and sophistication. The geometric shapes and clean, neat lines in these chandeliers make them the ideal choice for contemporary spaces.


  • Chandelier Luxury Crystal – Diameter 40inches

This chandelier is all about innovation. It is ideal for not only living rooms but also for dining spaces and even for bedrooms. Its minimalist yet gorgeous design makes it a versatile choice and one of a kind.


The chandelier is made out of stainless steel along with a titanium wire drawing. Transparent crystal is also used into this product to give it an extravagant appearance. The pieces are selected with extra care because of their brilliance, clarity and light-diffusing properties.


To ensure that the chandelier perfectly suits the interior of the customer’s room, Meeshan gives buyers the option of final customization. This enables the buyers to do finishing based on their own preferences.


  • Eclectic fusion: Meeshan combines together elements from different time periods and styles. These chandeliers are highly interesting and stand as a statement of bold creativity along with the undeniable factor of uniqueness to any interior.


  • Luxury Crystal Chandelier - 40inches

Crystal chandeliers have long been considered to grace grand ballrooms, mansions and palaces. They have the ability to create a shimmering display because they can refract and disperse light. A crystal chandelier’s charm becomes even more prominent when it is paired with a warm, inviting glow and this is exactly what this unique blend of innovative ideas offers you.


This chandelier’s crystals are of the highest grade. K9 or K5 crystals and genuine Swarovski crystals are incorporated into this item. It mixes classic aesthetics along with modern concepts to make sure that it remains timeless but in step with the current on-going trends.