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7 Rules to Follow for your Home

7 Rules to Follow for your Home

7 Rules to Follow for your Home

The one spot where you can let your artistic side of yourself free is your home. Anyway, interior design involves math too, not just art.

A couple of general guidelines canst the small glitches aside and transform it into a useful and comfortable haven.


Living Room:

Rule #1

According to any good interior designer, a coffee table has a lot of significance in the house. A much as that is true, it is important for you to make sure that it size fits among the other things too. It is crucial that you maintain fair enough distance between the sofa and coffee table.

Rule #2 

The ever so slight tilt of televisions always benefits the user while watching as the user’s eye would not have to face troublesome glares.

Rule #3 

Never ignore rugs as an important part of your home as they add colour and charm to your space. Preferably, there should be at least a chair and sofa near the area rug. This creates a comfortable space within the larger context of the room.

Rule #4 

You can ignore anything on purpose but not the clutter on entry and exit ways.  When you want to create a welcoming home, it is must that you ensure that any guest would not have to face any obstacles in between.


The Bedroom:

Rule #5 

Bed is always the centre of attention when someone enters the room but what is important is to not lest the room get over crowded. The best solution is tomato sure there is an appropriate ratio of every thing to keep it diverse at the same time.


The Kitchen:

Rule #6

Every inch might not be important in normal rooms like living or dining room but it matters a loti in kitchen as it requires heavy storage. It is must that every thing is neither too near nor far away that hampers mobility of a person in the kitchen.

Rule #7 

In case of small kitchens, one has to make sure that the doors of various appliances do not overlap with each other and create problems while mobilising within the kitchen.