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5 classic modern dining tables

5 classic modern dining tables

A dining room isn’t just any other room in your house but it is much more than that. It is a place where you would sit to have heart-to-heart conversations with your family and friends or make memories. Therefore, if your house is special and you understand the importance of putting in a lot of thought into making every corner of it special, then you would for sure know how significant a dining room is.

The look of your dining room single handedly relies on furniture. The choice of your dining table set definitely makes a huge difference and especially the dining table.

The dining table is more like a ‘focal point’ for the room. A perfect dining table doesn’t only serve the aesthetics but also fulfils the goal of functionality. In addition to this, it also enhances the dining experience by setting a tone for the meals.

Other than this, choosing the right tableware can further enhance the beauty of your dining table.

5 classic modern dining tables

With an abundance of options in the market, it becomes a tiring job to search for the furniture brand that would provide it all. We at Meeshan, aim at ticking all the desired boxes and tend to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Meeshan is a luxury furniture provider that has been in the market for quite some time now. Our brand works on providing visuals, functionality and durability. All three are our top priorities. And when it comes to dining tables, we have a huge variety that ranges from classic to modern. We also provide tables in different sizes and dimensions so there would definitely be something that would suit your needs.

Our top-notch quality is another thing that makes our products commendable. We realize how significant the happiness of our customers is and how influential furniture can be to the overall look of the house. Therefore, we make no compromises.

Although you would find a wide range of dining tables at our site, we have shortlisted 5 of our best ones.

1- Xander Modern Wooden Dining

Xander is undoubtedly a dining table that screams ‘modern’ and luxurious. It is simply unordinary but would up the game of your dining room in no time.

When the word ‘wooden’ is heard, people often believe that it would be something classic. However, Xander is a modern take on the wooden dining tables.


The table has an oval-shaped top. To add an exquisite look to the wood, the it is lined with gold in the middle and sides. Other than the beautiful design, Xander is also durable and would stand the test of time.


The dining table would best suit big and spacious rooms.


You can never go wrong with marble furniture. Nothing is more modern than a marble table top and this is exactly what EMIRGAN offers. With hints of gold to make the product look high-end, this table is nothing less than perfect.

The base of the table has 2 thick legs which give adequate joinery strength. It has a wide table top which would provide you with sufficient space so you can decorate it according to your desires.


With this table, you have a lot of wide choice range in the colors of chairs you can pair it with. This table is everything you would want if you envision your dining room as ‘modern.’ In a budget-friendly range, EMIRGAN offers looks, quality and practicality.

3- Aquila Gold Marble Dining Table

Another marble dining table that is opulent. Aquila has a white marble top paired with golden base and legs. With a very wide table top, Aquila Gold can accommodate your tableware and center pieces without any hesitance. Moreover, since it has a lot of space, it would be ideal for your family gatherings.

The frame of the table is strong and firm. It is from the luxury Turkish collection of Meeshan.


The solid construction of the table ensures that it lasts for a good period of time. Therefore, you can invest money into the product without having any second thoughts.

4- Florya

Florya is an unconventional dining table. Its modernism is purely based on the fact that it is minimalist and simple. Therefore, if you are planning to go loud with the walls, put on pictures frames or simply a popping color, Florya would be the perfect choice.

It is matte, dark grey in color. Although the table looks pretty simple, special consideration has been given to the details of it. The table is lined with a golden hue.

With this table, you are not bound to set the dining room a certain way but you have endless options. It would take your dining room to another level. It is simple yet graceful and sometimes, simple is everything that you need to make your rooms perfect.

Other than this, it also provides a decent amount of space considering the size of the table top.

5- Istinye

Istinye is a modern take on the classic wooden dining table. Made out of high-quality, solid wood, this table has a dark finish which adds into the reasons of why it is exceptionally elegant.

The sturdy base is provided by 4 tapered legs that are black in color. This table is literally the blend of grace and luxury. It would effortlessly transform the look of your room.