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Upgrade Your Home with Meeshan's Home Furniture

Upgrade Your Home with Meeshan's Home Furniture

Meeshan has the most luxurious and premium furniture in Pakistan. Our imported Turkish furniture is of the highest quality. It is ergonomic, durable and luxurious, all at the same time.

Meeshan is where comfort meets luxury and style. All our signature pieces are uniquely designed with the finest craftsmanship. At Meeshan, we design furniture suited to your needs and taste. Looking to revamp your home? You have come to the right place. 

Meeshan home furniture collection includes dining sets, bedroom sets, living room sets, lounge sets, office furniture and accessories. Everything you need to turn your house into your dream home.

Whether you're looking for a classic black leather sofa or a colorful velvet armchair, we have something to suit your style. We also have a variety of other furniture pieces to complete your home, including coffee tables, mirrors, lamps vases, decoration pieces, and bookshelves.

We have a huge variety of leather and velvet upholstery options that are unique in design and color palette to suit your taste and requirements. From plain leather or velvet upholstered furniture to patchwork designs, Meeshan has specialized in everything! Our customers can choose between different types of wood finishes.

Meeshan home furniture is made with the finest imported materials and handcrafted by skilled artisans, which makes us stand out as one of the best furniture providers in Pakistan. Our furniture is made to last, with a focus on quality and attention to detail that is unmatched by any other furniture provider in the country.

Re-decorate your home with our extensive collection of home furniture. Our home furniture range includes dining tables, dining chairs, bar stools, bed sets, bed side tables, sofa sets, chairs, consoles and TV cabinets, coffee tables, nesting tables, end tables, outdoor sets, lamps, mirrors, vases and décor, lights and chandeliers. 

Bed Sets


Meeshan has the most illustrious and deluxe collection of bed sets. Our luxury bed such as Lizbon Bed, Emirgan Bed, and Richmond Luxury Brass Bed are some of the most premium beds available all over they country, which is why they are among our bestsellers.

They can be coupled with their matching side tables and other accessories or you can mix things up if you want. We also have the matching sofa sets, dining sets, chairs, and dressers available with some of our luxury bed sets, if you want the same theme all over your house. At Meeshan, we aspire to provide you with the best quality furniture, that will last a lifetime. 

Dining Sets


Our luxury dining sets are designed with the most utmost delicacy and intricateness. Each design is unique and distinct. Our dining sets are available in multiple colors and designs, to go with the theme of our dining room.

Whether you are looking for dining tables with velvet upholstery or leather upholstery, we have you covered at Meeshan. Our wide range of dining sets includes grand and limited-edition designs as well as minimalistic and simple design, depending on your taste and theme. Some of our bestsellers include Xanders Modern Wooden Dining, Victor Luxury Dining Table Set, and Florya Dining Set

Sofa Sets


Our sofa sets are very designed very elaborately. They are available in different colors and different cuts, to suit your needs. We have complete sofa sets as well as sofa chairs. The color palette used while designing the sofa sets and chairs is very diverse.

If you are looking for dark and deep colored sofa sets, our Russel Sofa and Marino Sofa would be the perfect choice. If you are looking for light colored sofa sets our Siesta and Magnolia Corner Sofas should be your go to. 

Coffee Tables 


Living rooms are incomplete without coffee tables, luckily for you we have an extensive range of coffee tables available. Whether you are looking for a delicate structure coffee table or a strong and sturdy structured coffee table, Meeshan has you covered.

Some of our signature pieces such as the Octagon Onyx Marble Table and the Lexus Marble Center Table are available in more than one color so you can choose the coffee table that goes with the theme of our living room, or whenever you want to place them.

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